Boreal Night Riding

I’ve previously ridden at Boreal for a competition known as the Revolution Tour, but not for night riding. I worked earlier in the day at Diamond Peak, but I sort of got a wild hair that I needed to go ride more. I threw out the idea to one of my friends/co-workers named Shawn. He was all for the idea, but before heading out we grabbed a bite to eat at T’s Rotisserie and then went on our way. 

Boreal has a very unique atmosphere. There’s a lot of gapers there, park rats (who are actually good), and people that think they destroy park when in reality they just started riding it yesterday. So, if you’re a pretty decent rider you’ll almost always feel like a rockstar there. I haven’t been able to ride a lot of park this year due to my busy schedule, but it was a blast getting back into it. They had some fun jumps, rails, a banked slalom course at the top and numerous side hits. It was awesome to be able to get creative with it every run that we did. Something that’s nice about Boreal is that it isn’t very big so we got a ridiculous amount of runs in. We rode for four straight hours and then closed it down, tired and happy. 


Diamond Peak

I was hired on to work as a snowboard instructor at the local mountain this year, known as Diamond Peak. Last week I was asked by my supervisor if I would be willing to participate in a drone photoshoot for the mountain. It was an early morning on the Peak starting at 7am, but we had the entire mountain to ourselves. There were several pictures and videos taken riding down Crystal Ridge (pictured) and a run called Diamond Back for some powder shots. I was the lone snowboarder filming with two skiers. Once the editing is finished, the film and images should be used on the Diamond Peak website. It’s be incredible having less than a five minute drive from the closest mountain. Diamond Peak was actually ranked in RedBull’s top five resorts with the most magical view


Historic Virginia City, Nevada

This last weekend my Mom and my Aunt came to visit me at college. One of the days that they were here we went to Virginia City, Nevada. Virginia City is a hidden gem outside of Cason City. It’s an old mining town and in the 1800’s it was flooded with miners and their families during the Comstock Load, also known as the “Silver Boom.” So there’s a lot of history there… We pulled up out of the desert road to what appeared a hidden town emerging from the hill side. It looked like an old western town and even some of the newer buildings were designed to fit along with the style. The streets were packed with people, cars, and trucks but we finally found a spot. We paid $7 for our parking place since it wasn’t out on the narrow street. Once I handed the man the money he gave me a ticket that read “Two for one drink ticket at the Bucket of Blood Saloon.” Bucket of Blood Saloon? I thought to myself, this is going to be an interesting day. I think we went into about every shop along both sides of the street (my Mom, Aunt, and I like to see EVERTHING in EVERY store type of shoppers). We walked by a bar called The Old Washoe Club. Out front they had a sign up that displayed the guys from Ghost Hunters and it was signed by them that the Millionaire’s Club of Washoe County was indeed haunted. I was very intrigued by this… They gave tours every hour and I convinced my Mom and  Aunt that it would be a neat experience. The building had so much history and was all original. There was only one room that gave me an uneasy feeling, it was known as “Room 12” or “Red Room”. That was the only room that people have felt a demonic presence in. I’ll admit that it did have a different feel to it and the temperature dropped considerably when you walked in. The entire tour I just tried to give off the vibe that I wanted nothing to do with the spirits and I would not be a medium for them. I don’t want to spill all the beans about this place but I would definitely recommend going to this gem known as Virginia City.  

Valley lookout

Outside the Millionaire’s Club

Inside the Millionaire’s Club


Vitamin Sea

I basically grew up with the Pacific Ocean in my backyard. It was a place for people to escape to. If they were sad-they were at the beach, if they were happy-they were at the beach, if there was a get together-it was at the beach. I’ve had so many bonfires with family and friends out there that I couldn’t even count how many if I tried. I think for everyone that has grown up on the ocean, it’ll forever be apart of them.

In this image, I can tell you that it was definitely a hike to get down there and on my way out I definitely slipped and got one of my legs soaked. The tide was low, which exposed the tide pools to be investigated. Sea anemones, small fish, sea urchins, starfish, ocean gumboot, mussels, clams, a raccoon and almond snails were a plenty. And yes, I did touch all of these critters, well except for the raccoon… It was awesome having such a plentiful resource and learning space so close to school; so instead of learning about these sea creatures on slides, we actually we able to go out and get hands on.


Cape Arago Beach at low tide in Southwestern Oregon.