Vitamin Sea

I basically grew up with the Pacific Ocean in my backyard. It was a place for people to escape to. If they were sad-they were at the beach, if they were happy-they were at the beach, if there was a get together-it was at the beach. I’ve had so many bonfires with family and friends out there that I couldn’t even count how many if I tried. I think for everyone that has grown up on the ocean, it’ll forever be apart of them.

In this image, I can tell you that it was definitely a hike to get down there and on my way out I definitely slipped and got one of my legs soaked. The tide was low, which exposed the tide pools to be investigated. Sea anemones, small fish, sea urchins, starfish, ocean gumboot, mussels, clams, a raccoon and almond snails were a plenty. And yes, I did touch all of these critters, well except for the raccoon… It was awesome having such a plentiful resource and learning space so close to school; so instead of learning about these sea creatures on slides, we actually we able to go out and get hands on.


Cape Arago Beach at low tide in Southwestern Oregon.


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