Boreal Night Riding

I’ve previously ridden at Boreal for a competition known as the Revolution Tour, but not for night riding. I worked earlier in the day at Diamond Peak, but I sort of got a wild hair that I needed to go ride more. I threw out the idea to one of my friends/co-workers named Shawn. He was all for the idea, but before heading out we grabbed a bite to eat at T’s Rotisserie and then went on our way. 

Boreal has a very unique atmosphere. There’s a lot of gapers there, park rats (who are actually good), and people that think they destroy park when in reality they just started riding it yesterday. So, if you’re a pretty decent rider you’ll almost always feel like a rockstar there. I haven’t been able to ride a lot of park this year due to my busy schedule, but it was a blast getting back into it. They had some fun jumps, rails, a banked slalom course at the top and numerous side hits. It was awesome to be able to get creative with it every run that we did. Something that’s nice about Boreal is that it isn’t very big so we got a ridiculous amount of runs in. We rode for four straight hours and then closed it down, tired and happy. 


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